NecaHost has been in the Web Hosting industry since 2011 where we operate our own infrastructures, networks, and in-housed staff. NecaHost has the capability to provide  24/7 Unsurpassed Semi-Managed Support – Real people, real responses. 99% of our tickets are replied to within 30 minutes! With years of experience, proper disaster planning has been implemented to preserve enterprise level data and services.
NecaHost is one of the many subsidiary that our IT group is maintaining. This allows us to cater to all audiences providing client’s the quality they need at an affordable price. Companies that hosts their businesses with us can have an ease of mind with the idea that the IT group has been operating since 2011 with a powerful financial backing and infrastructure.
Let us take your hosting needs to the NecaHost level!


Thank You,
The NecaHost Team

Company Name: NecaHost
Legal form: sole trader
Business owners and website owners: Kanjski Vlado
VAT ID: 342457/7646363-45225
DREG-No. 06/352 (§ 6 of the Act)
Public liability: Alliance
Address: Bar, Montenegro
Zip City: 30000 Bar
Telephone: +382 (0) 68 202700
Internet address: